Football Clash: Every Single Detail Of This Big Tournament

Football Clash has always been associated with Glamour, Attraction, Rage, Excitement, Skills and Determination, The same is true for the StartUps and Corporates. But it is not just these things that make a team stand out of others. It is always that stubbornness and zeal and that winning attitude of one team that makes them the Champion.

With Football Clash we want to showcase that zeal and never die spirit of the StartUps and the discipline of being in a Corporate. It will be the real test as you will fall, you will rise, you will have bruises, but that one extra Goal will take away all the sufferings when you see yourself crowned that Ultimate Champion of the Field.

See your competition and the rivals in this teaser video of Clash Of Titan here: CLICK HERE

All wars are big in their own ways no matter where and how big or small the numbers are. See your other Clanmates winning and support your alliance for conquering the whole field:

Plan your strategies and  choose your warriors who would fit for the Battle day in this Football Clash with these rules mentioned below:

EVENT NAME: Football Clash 

Date & Day : 23rd & 24th September | Saturday & Sunday

Category: 5 a side Football tournament + 3 Rolling Sub


  • Winners: Rs. 15,000/- + Trophy + Medals + Certificate
  • Runners up: Rs. 10,000/- + Trophy + Medals + Certificate
  • Third Position: Rs 5000/- + Certificate
  • Fourth Position: Rs. 5000/- + Certificate  

T-Shirt & Sipper for all the Participants from WeWork.

Entry Fees : Rs 3,000 / Team

Super Early Bird Discount Code: CLASH10 (Get 10% discount on the entry fees) – Valid till 15th Aug



  • Every participant will get a T-Shirt & Sipper from our end.
  • It’s a knockout tournament with each half of 12mins and a break of 3mins
  • Tournament will get over in 2 days
  • Your team can be a mix of different corporates and represent your Corporate clan and you can mix your team from different StartUps and represent your startup clan.
  • Each team will have 5 players playing on the field including the goalkeeper
  • You can have 3 rolling subs. It’s not compulsory.
  • In case of a draw, we will have penalty shoot.
  • Other Rules will be mailed along with the fixture two days before the event
  • Last day to register is 18th September by 11 PM.
  • Shoes are mandatory  
  • No studs allowed in this football clash
  • Participants are requested to reach the venue 15mins before their reporting time.
  • Participants should report to the organizing committee with their soft copy or hard copy of their ticket according to their match timings.
  • Apart from tournament cancellation, under no circumstances, the entry fees will be returned.
  • Referee’s decision will be considered as the final decision.
  • The referee holds the right to disqualify any team for any kind of misconduct without the return of entry fees.
  • The winning prize money will be handed over in terms of Cheque.
  • Balls will not be given from the organizer for any practice.
  • The tournament will finish in 2 days.

I bet you would like to participate in this extravaganza. Act Fibernet in association with WeWork & FreshMenu presents Clash Of Titan – StartUps Vs Corporates other events too. Check the schedule below:

  • Daud 2017 Timed Run (10th September)
  • Cricket Clash (16th & 17th September)
  • Football Clash (23rd & 24th September)
  • Badminton Clash: For Both Men & Women (30th Sept & 1st Oct)
  • Table Tennis Clash: For Both Men & Women (30th Sept & 1st Oct)

Check Details

A small gift from my end. You surely want to avail a Super Early Bird Discount on the registration fees. Use the Discount Code: CLASH10 to get 10% discount on the entry fees.


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