Meet the Yoga Guru – Pushpavalli Rayankula

Meet ”Pushpavalli Rayankula’ – Yoga Guru & A Supermom who says“If you don’t want the best, then don’t try”

Pushpavalli Rayankula has been practicing yoga since she was 23. Today she is 35 and holds yoga classes imparting knowledge and passion for a fit lifestyle in sync with the Indian culture.

As a child she took part in all sports offered at her school. She acknowledged that currently she enjoys swimming other than yoga. She named popular south Indian actress Anushka Shetty as her role model, mentioning that she likes the way Shetty carries herself.

Pushpavalli’s day starts at the early hour of 4.30 A.M.  She consumes a liter of warm water with some light breakfast and heads to her yoga studio. She trains her students till afternoon and then comes back home to regular chores. Her diet is vegetarian with less oil content. She is strict with the home made part. She manages her household work her family all by herself, yet carries the same passion for yoga and fitness everyday. She encourages her child to follow the same regime of fitness and Yoga.

Sri Valli  believes Yoga is themantra” to live a happy life in today’s over-stressful world. It ensures physical fitness, inner peace, controls anger, hypertension, reduces weight, normalises blood pressure. It is not a replacement to medical treatment but definitely helps one to add meaning to life and live it peacefully.

She says that the saying “Health is Wealth” has been inculcated in her and hence that serves as her motivation. Her parting advice was that to look better, eating healthy and daily exercise is the way to go.

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