Lifestory of India’s boxing superstar – Mary Kom

We all have heard about how difficult it is for girls to be beat all odds and survive in the sports industry in India. The athlete which we are focusing today has fought against society and other difficulties to bring her name on the world map.

Ladies and gentlemen we are talking about the superstar of India who made us proud at the Olympics and at many other worldwide stages. This lady not only crossed all odds and partiality of Indian boxing association but also fought against her family to pursue her dream of becoming the number one boxer of the world.The lady has achieved it all and has become the sportsmen upon which many others can look upto as a role model.

We present the life story of Mary Kom in just few images. Its a story starting from her choice of becoming a boxer to her fights to her marriage and finally winning medals for India.

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Do you have any other story in mind which we can cover? Do share with us so that we can feature that sportsman’s or athlete’s lifestory with all our readers.



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