Let’s Talk About Running:  Marathons

All those men and women jogging away to glory in the morning is finally troubling your conscience. Plus they all look like they actually enjoy the activity and not like an angry spouse threatening divorce if the kilos didn’t reduce were the motivation.

So you’ve signed up for the next big marathon and now are all ready for the people race.  Great, the first hurdle has been crossed. Now follow these pointers to ensure that your marathon feels like a cakewalk and not a highway to hell.

  1. Half Way There. Common !!

A month before you will be running the marathon, run a half marathon to test your fitness and assess the situation. Aim to run the half-marathon slightly faster than your marathon goal pace. Also, a good race can provide a powerful mental lift, and it will give you a little rest period in the few days before and after as you taper and recover from it.running

  1. Location, Location

Running on the same topography as the one where the marathon will be held helps a lot. If the marathon is in the city you’ll have to get used to the pancake flatness of the surface. If the marathon is happening in hilly location and you don’t have access to it where you live, practice on stairways or treadmills.running

  1. Suit Up !!

Alright, not literally. However make sure your running gear is suitable for the activity. A cotton T shirt is a complete no-no. Invest in materials like Nylon or Coolmax.  Select the shoes–and the socks–you’ll wear in the marathon. The shoes should be relatively lightweight but provide good support, and the socks should be the type you wear in other races.running

  1. Throw Out The Junk-Food

Follow this mantra from at least a month before the marathon but especially three days before. Consume food stuff rich in carbohydrates. It’s the carbs, after all, not fat or protein, which will fuel you on race day. It is important to increase the percentage of calories you derive from carbohydrates, not just eat more of everything.running

  1. Run like a clock

If possible, run at the same time of day as the start of your marathon. This way, your body’s rhythms–including the all-important bathroom routine–will be in sync with marathon needs come race day. The more times you can do this, the better, but shoot for at least the last three days before the race.running

Make like the wind and run Forrest, run. Participate in our upcoming marathon event. 


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