Fitness and Festivals: Things You Can Do to Enjoy Both

You’ve attended the gym regularly for a month now and the fitness instructor champions you as model student. You have survived the month of festival – October. Come December and a wave of celebrations again knock your door and you cheerfully wave goodbye to the whole business of being fit. Follow these ten tips and slay the Ravan of falb this month.

  1. Fitness Buddy

You’ve always had Best Friend throughout life. Make a friend for fitness too. Team up with likeminded people who have similar fitness goals. Fix a regular meeting time and place and keep to it. This way your workout becomes fun and you also have someone who will go medieval on your desire if you don’t turn up. fitness

  1. 8 Glasses a Day

Drink water regularly. Dehydration makes it easy for your mind to confuse thirst for hunger and you end eating more than you intended to. Snack on juices and soup instead of reaching out always to deep fried Indian Namkeen. fitness

  1. Make Time for Sleep

Don’t let the excuse of festivities keep you up all day and all night. Respect your body’s rest clock and go to bed on time. Lack of sleep will result in crankiness and bingeing. You definitely don’t want to do either in front of that gossipy mami. fitness

  1. Keep it Moderate, Stupid

Moderation has been advocated as the key to success in life. The same principle applies to food consumption. Don’t hold yourself back from all the delicious morsels made for Christmas and new year. However, think twice before reaching out for that second helping and gracefully excuse yourself, saying “No, Thanks”. fitness

  1. Magic Concoctions

Remember that warm water flavoured with honey and lemon, that your mom made you drink every morning? Well, it is indeed a good way to start your day as the ingredients kick start your metabolism and fight flab. fitness

  1. Make chores your Fitness Activities

Have to buy vegetables from the market? Walk instead of taking your car. Have to decorate the house? Do it yourself instead of letting your cousin from USA do all the hard work. This way you keep yourself active and everyone thinks you are the nicest person in the colony. fitness

  1. Celebrate

Enjoy the festival and new year with friends and family. Remember that festivals are about being together with the ones you love. If you feel the urge to overindulge, keep in mind that it is just food, not love. fitness

Congratulations on having made through December successfully. You can now bravely look forward to a fit and healthy year.



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