5 things you should do after your workout

There are a hell lot of myths that people have regarding workouts and post workout activities.Surprisingly most of them are contrasting and if you are not a trained professional, you won’t ever get to know what to follow and what not to. Don’t worry we here to solve this problem for you.

However, it is advisable to follow a well devised routine even after workout that will assist the hardwork you put in while workout. Some of the do’s are listed below.


  1. Stretch:

    A rigorous workout session must be followed by a relaxing stretch. It puts back the strained muscles at ease and will lessen the possibilities of any sort of internal injury or strain.1

  2. Shower:

    It not only ensures a quick relaxation therapy but also ensures better hygiene. Post workout your body gets fully drenched in sweat which is home for many bacteria’s and allergies. Hence shower will ensure all such bacteria’s are removed2

  3. Relax:

    Workout is a strenuous activity. Most of them will leave you completely drained and out of energy. To recover from that fatigue and tiredness, it’s advisable to take complete rest and let your body recover from any sort of wear and tear that might have occurred during work out.3

  4. Rehydrate:

    A normal workout session leads to a loss of sweating which can cause excess loss of water in some cases. Therefore, one must keep themselves rehydrating from time to time during and after workout.4

  5. Consult a trainer:

    Trainers will provide a professional advice and are in a better position to assist you. Just because you have been working out for quite some time doesn’t mean you know every minute detail. Trainers on the other hand are qualified and in a better position for such discussions.5

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