5 things you should avoid after workout

There are a hell lot of myths that people have regarding workouts and post workout activities. Surprisingly most of them are contrasting and if you are not a trained professional, you won’t ever get to know what to follow and what not to.

Generally people have written about what should be done before and after workout.But very few have focused on what we should avoid doing after workout. Some of the most important don’t post workouts are listed below.

Post Workout Dont’s:

  1. Over-exertion:

    Attaining a fit body and admirable physique takes time. You cannot achieve it in a day’s time. Hence, over exertion won’t help. Do limited workout in a day and allow your body to get in shape.workout

  2. Pushing an injury:

    If you have any sort of injury, be it internal or external, you must not work out. It ight worsen the situation causing further damage. Allow it to heal completely and only after a trained medical professionals permission you must go to gym.workout

  3. Avoiding Proteins:

    People consider proteins only assist in body building. However, proteins are basic building blocks of the body. They help in tissue restructuring and formation. Therefore avoiding proteins in your diet won’t be beneficial for you.workout

  4. Lazying around:

    Working out is meant to make you more fit and healthy. Hence you must not be lazy after any session. Continue your daily work and don’t sleep around like a couch potato all day.workout

  5. Too much of Food & Drinks:

    Due to increased activity, your metabolism will increase and you might feel hungry, which is a good thing. However you must not indulge in unhealthy eating habits. Opt for nutritious options and always keep a tab on what you eat. As far as drinking is concerned, once in a while may be okay. But drinking everyday will do nothing else but ruin your hardwork.workout

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