10 ways people react when you become fit – fitness Reactions!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This by itself can be divided into Physical Beauty, Internal Beauty and Spiritual beauty. Although one might like to believe in the phrase “It’s the inside, not the outside that matters”, one must admit that in this day of superficial society (no offence intended for the readers), people are often judged based on their perceived looks and physical features. Let’s not completely derogate the onlookers, I mean your physical appearance is the first think people see-they would have to know you and engage in conversation before discovering your intelligence, wit and humor!

We are going to highlight the ten ways people around you react when you shed a bunch of weight and tone your muscles. Don’t think of these reactions as motivation just to please others, just consider it to be the benefits of improving the outside packaging to the fantastic gift that you are inside!

10) They react, simple.

Once you get fit, and particularly if it was a real “Fat to Fab” story (Special shout-out to Arjun Kapoor), one of the things that you are certain of receiving a signal of, is a reaction itself.  This may not be specific as the following 9 would be, but you will understand what is meant by this. There will be no verbal assertions and no direct communication, but be assured that heads will turn. Even when you’re not looking, people will stare, and stare twice-just to make sure their eyes aren’t fooling them. They will be so surprised that they will double-check their eyesight with their friends, who in turn react and thus start a chain-reaction and self-fulfilling cycle leading to the following points.


9) Constant Stares

Didn’t you ever loathe the weird feeling of someone staring at you? As if they were staring into your inner soul and not minding their own business? Get used to it. This is going to be happening a lot once you get into shape. Try wearing loose clothes and full-sleeved shirts to avoid envious stares! (Of course remember to showcase yourself at the next beach party). And in case you’ve always been an attention seeker, well, bask in your new found glory.


8) Small talk

Lose weight. Get abs that show. Strengthen biceps. Be engaged in small talk by random people. These events are not coincidental, especially if they happen sequentially. Irrespective of whether its unfamiliar colleagues, friends’ friends, acquaintances, and especially people you don’t usually speak to, you will find yourself slyly approached by new people for the smallest of matters. Whether it’s someone discussing the weather (oops) in the washroom, walking up to you and offering help or just asking the time, you will be receiving much more direct contact, more than you perhaps prefer. People who are fit carry energy around them, and positive energy attracts other positive energy in a given environment (Scroll down to Number 4 below for a particularly interesting application of “Attractiveness”).


7) Compliments

The more courageous and open people in your radius will walk past you, take a couple of steps back, stare, gasp, smile and consequently verbally assert their acknowledgement of your fit frame. This will most likely start with the question: Hey X, have you lost weight? What follows most likely, is the point below.


6) Seeking Gym Advice

Unfortunately, the beloved people that are effusing compliments on you aren’t just doing it for making you happy. There is an underlying sense of self-interest. They want what you have! Be prepared to sound knowledgeable on the best gym routines, exercises and instructors in the neighborhood. Ever heard of the phrase “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”? Well, you’re the pudding. The proof is your lean body. And people want to know where and how this pudding was made. And how they can eat it.


5) Crowding up your lunch table

If you were a disbeliever in the phrase “A fit body is 30% gym and 70% diet”, get ready to change your opinion. You will have more lunch-table enthusiasts vying for a spot in your vicinity than ever before. Don’t be mistaken, they don’t want to engage in conversation notwithstanding your incredible communication skills (We assume), but they just want to have a look at your plate and take a mental note of the proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats you’re taking in. People know that even if you have incredible genes and metabolism, you can’t get fit without a proper diet. Embrace the dietician within you and dole out free advice.


4) Female/Male attention

Remember the concept of “attractive energies” in number 8? We weren’t being literal then, but we definitely are now. Throughout the diaspora of reactions covered, you will notice a distinct number of dispellers being female (If you’re a boy) and male (if you’re a girl), or any other combinations. Being fit makes you look more strong, confident and attractive, and makes way for people of the opposite gender to approach you and well, it can go either way depending on how you take it.


3) Jealousy

We never said these would all be positive reactions. The more conceited of the lot will brood in their own envy and jealousy and wonder why God has been fair to you but not to them. Who cares? Their frowns are your smiles.


2) Invite you to more activities

Once you’re fit, people will associate you with sports, dance, exercise and anything else which evokes an allied spirit. You will need to enhance your time management skills in order to schedule all the morning jogs, Sunday football, marathons and other exciting activities that you will now be invited for!


1) Greater interest in you (on the inside)

Don’t make the mistake of believing that the fit body is where it ends. As this article highlights, it certainly starts there but ends at who you are inside. A fit body is a mere platform on which people have an incentive to reach out to understand more about you. People understand that someone with a fit body is someone who cares about his health and allocates time and money to look after his physical stature. If you don’t care about your health, other people don’t have an incentive to either. Before you know it, your friends circle would have multiplied doubled-fold and you will never look back.


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