10 simple ways to deal with ‘Insomnia’

In the previous blog we discussed about the causes and symptoms of insomnia. Here, we will discuss about the ways to cure or to be more precise how to deal with it. One of the best ways of dealing with insomnia is to change the habit. Yes, you may need to change your habits in order to deal with it effectively. It may seem difficult for you initially but once you do it, sleeplessness may no longer bother you.

Certain things you do to fight with insomnia may actually hamper your health even more, for example, taking sleeping pills or consuming alcohol. Such things help you in the short term but for long term it is very harmful. Identifying the cause of sleeplessness is certainly the first step to deal with it and henceforth making changes in your lifestyle in the next best step.


Adopting new habits may help you sleep better. For example:

  1. Bedroom must be dark, cool and quiet: Make sure that your room is dark, devoid of light. You may even use a sleep mask to ensure this. Use ear plugs to keep sound out and keep your room cool either with the help of an air conditioner or simply by keeping the windows open.
  2. Sleep early and at the same time every time. Stick to a regular schedule and avoid watching late night movies or playing video games.
  3. Avoid sleeping during the day.
  4. Listen to soft music before going to bed and keep the lights dim.
  5. Reduce caffeine intakes, alcohol and quit smoking.
  6. Do not overburden yourself.
  7. Do not use your bedroom to watch TV. Neither force yourself to sleep when you are not able to sleep. Tossing and turning in the bed will only leave you feel annoyed. Moreover, you should also avoid checking the time over and again. Rather, get up, take a walk or listen to some soft music or read. And you feel sleepy, go back to sleep.
  8. Yoga, meditation is another way to help you de-stress and feel relax. It may help you to ward off all your anxiety and worries and help you sleep better.
  9. Maintaining a proper diet is also very important. Eat right, stay healthy, sleep better. Several herbal supplements are also marketed for their sleep helping benefits, such as, lemon balm or chamomile tea. These are usually harmless as they don’t have any side effects.
  10. Avoid using sleep medications until necessary and do so only under the expert’s (doctor’s) supervision. Changing lifestyle often make a lasting impact than sleeping pills.

Last but not the least, be physically comfortable. Avoid using too soft or too firm a mattress to sleep. Use comfortable pillow and mattress as it very important to ensure you a sound sleep.



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