Yes, I envy you girl !! 10 Bollywood actresses who personify fitness

“Fitness is something which cannot be achieved in one single day or a month, it needs immense dedication and hard work” – All Gym Trainers

Summer! For people living in the west, summer means beach, cocktails, crop tops and bikinis, lying on the beach getting tanned etc, but for us Indians it’s covering yourself from head to toe, carrying a huge bottle of water and sun screen in your bag and a whole lot of advice from parents/friends/relatives/every single human who was daring enough to take birth in this country, to save ourselves from the heat.

But, hey! Does that mean we can’t have a little fun on our own? Of course we can! Being thin is so old school. Fitness is what you need. Being skinny and being fit are not all synonymous to each other (hope you know that!).

Let’s have a look at these top Bollywood divas and learn about the fitness secrets.

  1. Shilpa Shetty

    shilpaWell obviously! A body like her is something we all would crave for! She isn’t among the youngest of our stars but she is definitely one of the hottest. How does she pull this wondrous feat off? I am sure you are all wondering what these remarkable Shilpa Shetty fitness secrets are too? Shilpa’s philosophy is something we simply love! She says that workouts aren’t to look good but to feel good.

  2. Sushmita Sen

    sushmitaAfter looking at that perfect figure who’s going to believe that this ex-Miss Universe is almost 40 years old? Sushmita Sen has suffered slip disc in the past, which prevented her from doing common gym exercises,but did she give up? After the injury, Sushmita Sen piled up a lot of kilos as she was unable to exercise. It was then that she happened to come across Aerial silk. Aerial silk is all about hanging in the air with the help of a special fabric.

  3. Priyanka Chopra

    PriyankaPriyanka is not a health freak in the sense the word is used. Not that her normal daily routine is completely bereft of exercises. She works out yes but not more than an hour. Apart from t hat, she does yoga. that is about it. She enjoys her life and food and lets go. The one thing that she is not very fond of is too much of oil in her food which, come to think of it, who likes anyway? Especially after reading that Priyanka is not for it!

  4. Bipasha Basu

    BipashaSeeing as her acting career appears to have taken a high dive off a cliff, we’re glad that the Bong bombshell has successfully carved a name for herself in the fitness industry as a backup – After being diagnosed with arthritis, the actress vowed to keep herself at the peak of physical fitness and has since managed to successfully keep the doctor away, one dumbbell at a time.Watch her videos on Bipasha believes in yoga and aerobics. Lots of good fitness CDs have come out, featuring Bipasha as the trainer, and they sure are very popular.

  5. Sonam kapoor

    sonamStyle Diva of Bollywood, was not as stylish as she is now. She weighed around 86 kg when she was in Singapore. Her weight gain was due to unhealthy diet she used to have. She started caring about her weight and started working out after being offered lead role in ‘Saawariya’ by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. She lost around 35 kg of weight by doing regular gym, swimming, yoga and kathak. She has even mentioned that she used to be bullied and laughed at by her mates a lot, for being unfit. (Well, who’s laughing now?)

  6. Deepika Padukone

    deepikaGiven her athletic background, it comes as little surprise that the Bajirao Mastani actress believes in putting her best foot forward when it comes to her personal fitness and is known to follow a grueling regime involving sports, swimming and Pilates to keep her abs in their present washboard shape. She also takes up a mean game of badminton to keep herself going. Seriously Deepika, that figure in Lovely though *swooning*

  7. Alia Bhatt 

    aliaIt’s not an easy job to achieve that ‘Shandaar’ bikini body. Alia Bhatt had to work                                    hard. This stunning actress who robs everyone’s heart from her debut movie ‘Student of Year’ wasn’t always as stunning as she looks today. She almost lost 16 kg of weight in 3 months. To achieve this, she went on regular exercise and strict diet plan.

  8. Katrina Kaif

    katrinaNo, she’s definitely not known for her acting skills or her Hindi, but when you see her shaking a leg on bollywood’s most raunchy item songs, you can’t deny the fact that she has one of the most graceful bodies in this industry. Her workout routine includes, swimming, running, iso-planking, cycling and light weight training in gym.

  9. Aishwarya Rai Bachan

    AishwaryaI don’t even need to introduce our Ex-Miss World, Aishwarya Rai. Those beautiful eyes, that stunning beauty do lot more than just making her look good.  She did gain weight after giving birth to her beautiful daughter, but this ex-model is back on track with her upcoming movie.Her diet consists of boiled vegetables, which is easy to digest, full of nutrients, contains little or no fat and flavorful. Aish may not be doing good workout sessions but she is taking proper care of her diet.

  10. Evergreen Zeenat Aman

    ZeenathOld is gold – Zeenat Aman proves this saying true and how! The lady made every young man run for his money with her stunningly sensuous looks and super confident acting skills. To my opinion, she does it even today but with more grace now. She came into the industry at a time when skin show was really a big deal, but the lady always made it look classy, never cheap. She’s an avid yoga practitioner and even follows a workout regimen for her fitness.


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