10 bollywood actors and their fitness mantra

Bollywood actors have followed a trend of having a fitness regime that inspired many movie lovers. Having a perfect body and getting shirtless on screen became a trend and stars are now working on it day in – day out. It caught up quickly with boys hitting gym and working out to get the sexy six pack abs that girls so dearly love. Infact, some of the Bollywood actors are so much into fitness and health, that they can give many Hollywood stars a run for their money.

Right from actors like Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan all Bollywood stars at one point have switched to a healthier lifestyle and focused on having a shaped structure. However, with the new generation coming in, some eye pleasing physique appear more often on the big screen. The actors are now metrosexual and focus on being well groomed for their female audience. Here’s a list of top 10 Bollywood celebs that have envious body.

10 Bollywood actors who are the flag bearers for fitness:

  1. Milind Soman:

    Owner of a “mantastic” body, this super-model is truly India’s “Iron-man”. At 50, he recently completed the toughest triathlon in the world all owing to his fit athletic body. Opening up to the media, he gave out some of his secrets that keep him absolutely stunning even at this stage. Not a fan of indoor exercises, he credits most of his endurance and fitness to outdoor activities like running, cycling and swimming. There not enough words to describe this man who is definitely the flag bearer for fitness in our bollywood industry.milind soman fitness

  2. Salman Khan:

    Even those who don’t like him as an actor can’t deny the fact that he is the one who started the trend of having not only a fit body, but a well sculpted one too. If you track it back, all of it started with a shirtless Salman Khan turning around with a Guitar in a faded light blue jeans and a charismatic smile in “O O Jaane jana”. His trainer reveals that his stamina and endurance has reached next level and he can do close to 1000 push-ups or 2000 sit-ups in a day. He focuses on upper body strength and abs and cycles a lot to tone his leg muscles. He doesn’t follow any strict diet but prefers home-made healthy food rich in protein and less of carbohydrates. Being an icon, he has personally trained some of the famous Bollywood stars like Katrina Kaif, Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha to get in shape and have a perfect body.salman khan fitness

  3. Hrithik Roshan:

    This Greek God swooned millions of girls with his perfect V-shaped body, appealing face and groovy dance moves right from his debut movie. Since then, his fan following has only seen an upward trend. He has been into fitness forever, but a couple of events and a severe back problem took its toll and he went out of shape. That’s when he got associated with Kris Gethin ~ a renowned name in natural pro body building. He chalked out a specific workout plan for Hrithik keeping in mind his physical condition and his internal working. He introduced Hrithik to a nutritionist and gave him a diet plan keeping in mind his insulin sensitivity. 12 weeks of rigorous training and proper diet plan gave us the Hrithik Roshan like never before. Hrithik roshan fitness

  4. John Abraham:

    Yet another Kris Gethin product is this “Force”-full model turned actor. A complete fitness freak, he considers fitness as his only religion. He suggests that workout and healthy lifestyle should be a party of your routine and not a phase. Strictly against crash-diets, his fitness mantra is ~ “Good Sleep, Good Food and Good Workout routine”. He regularly works out and his schedule depends on his upcoming movie and the role that he is associated with. He focuses on entire body fitness and not just a particular part. His diet usually includes fish and eggs for protein requirements and some protein supplements for muscle growth.john abraham fitness

  1. Ranveer Singh:

    Topping the charts is none other than the Ram-Leela actor who wooed all the girls with his “Ainveyi Ainveyi” moves. His fitness mantra is “eat right, sleep tight and work hard”. He prepares his body according to the upcoming movie and generally his workout includes 45 minutes of High Intensity Training (HIT). The actual pattern bundled dips, thrusters, pushups, pull-ups as well as burpees. For his diet, he prefers more intakes of proteins that help in muscle building than carbohydrates. If you too have a sweet tooth problem like him, he suggests you should hide every possible sweet at home have better self-control and its okay to have a cheat meal once in a week.ranveer singh fitness

  1. Siddharth Malhotra:

    This model-turned actor who made his debut in Karan Johar’s Student of the Year successfully gathered millions of female fans. Inspite of having touch competition with his co-star, this kukkad turned out to be truly kamaal ka. He keeps his athletic built in shape with a rigorous workout routine. Being a football fan, he spends his free time on the field. Although when busy on sets, he changes his workout based on the shooting schedule. He makes sure to change the workout plan every four weeks. sidharth malhotra fitness

  1. Tiger Shroff:

    Following a strict diet plan since childhood, this Heropanti lad has developed a specific liking towards healthy food. Mostly refraining from carbs, he stops taking any sort of carbs post 5 in the evening. Though he allows himself one cheat day in a weak. He prefers a low sodium home-made food and maintains distance from all sorts of alcoholic drinks and cigarettes. He doesn’t believe in any sorts of supplements and follows a very strict workout schedule all seven days of week without a fail. He performs gymnastics, martial arts, strength training, push-ups splits, high kicks, punches etc. for one and a half hour.tiger shroff fitness

  1. Varun Dhawan:

    Yet another star of Karan Johar’s Student of the Year, this proud son of director David Dhawan has swooned millions of girls. This ardent dancer believes burning calories with aerobics and has a far broader definition of ripped body. For him, a fit body means having an impeccable immune system to fit into that frame. Some of the workouts he does on a regular basis include Martial training, light weight lifting, cardio workouts etc. and uses weight lifting as a source of toning the body.  He makes sure that the kind of carbs he consumes has low Glycemic Index (GI). For his fans, he suggests, aim for having a lithe body which is better in longer run than a large muscular built. Follow correct exercise technique and never to skip a good warm up session before it.varun dhawan fitness

  1. Vidyut Jamwal:

    This ardent supporter of PETA, made his debut alongside the Bollywood hunk John Abraham in Force. Along with the best debutant actor award, he managed to win many fans with his well sculpted body.  His workout regimen usually comprise of 5 days martial arts training and 2 days of weight training. Vidyut does not spend much time in gym and only goes there for strength training. He doesn’t believe in dieting and eats six small meals sticking to strict vegetarian wholesome food throughout. For his fans, he suggests that one should eat healthy and have a balanced diet. He says, one should pick one physical activity of their choice like swimming, badminton, running etc. and follow it religiously and it will make sure you stay fit. It’s important to have a fit body rather than bulking it.vidyut jamwal fitness

  1. Anil Kapoor:

    May be he doesn’t have a well framed structure, but you can’t deny the unlimited charm that he has maintained all over the years. At the age of 58, he still manages to look nothing more than 30 and at a point was much more fit and in better shape than his daughter Sonam Kapoor. He works out for six days a week and doesn’t follow a particular diet plan. Though, he balances the food intake with extra hours on a bicycle that he is passionate about. When asked about his fitness mantra, this “Chooron ka Raja” suggested having a simpler and balanced diet. He said, “Travel with a bicycle, it saves your time to go to a gym”. Well one can’t really argue with a veteran. Can we?anil kapoor fitness

    You must be wondering why doesn’t the khiladi of bollywood feature in this list. The only reason for that is we at sportzify are great fan of the way this khiladi considers fitness. He deserves a special mention.

  2. Akshay Kumar:

The khiladi of bollywood’ was into fitness from his college days. A person who never believed in going for 6 packs when the whole bollywood industry was running behind it. He believes that fitness is not about building huge body. A trained martialarts individual to one of the few bollywood actors who loves to do all his stunts by himself to someone who is now training women self defense. A big salute to Mr Kumar from our side.

akshay fitness fitness

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