10 workout activities for your calf muscles

Many females complain of having ill shaped calf muscles because of which even a perfect hourglass figure makes it difficult to adorn a short dress. This problem is not specific to females, but spread across both the genders. A shaped and well carved body doesn’t go well with loose muscles on legs. When the entire body is in shape, why won’t one crave for a lean and toned calf muscles. Honestly it’s not very difficult to bring them in shape, just that we focus a bit too much on the obvious regions overlooking these small parts. Here are a few exercises that you can do at home to bring them in shape.

10 workout activities which will help you build your calf muscles:

  1. Cycling:

    This is one exercise that focuses on your legs and specially calf muscles. Be it straight road or at an elevation, one can feel the muscle work while cycling.workout for calf muscles

  2. Jogging:

    It’s said jogging is a complete exercise focusing on each part of your body and that includes your calf muscles too. It’s more effective when done in open rather than on treadmills. For that muscular look, one should go for inclined jogging.workout for calf muscles

  3. Stair Climbing:

    One of the easiest way to get those toned calf muscles is to skip the lifts and opt for stairs. Your entire body weight is pulled by these muscles making it a good workout.workout for calf muscles

  4. Skipping Ropes:

    Yet another exercise for entire body, skipping ropes make a good workout for your calves. Pushing your entire body weight against the gravity is an efficient workout if you are looking to tone those loose shanks.workout for calf muscles

  5. Calf stretch:

    Be it on the floor or a step, this exercise focuses only on your calves. Stand straight and raise your heels while balancing the body weight on toes, you’ll feel the stretch on your calves. If done regularly, you can get the shape you have been longing for.workout for calf muscles

  6. Pilates:

    This form of exercise focus on stretching your body parts while lying on the floor. There are a combination of exercise in pilates that focus on your leg muscles that help in losing the extra fat.workout for calf muscles

  7. Lunges:

    If done properly, this exercise puts maximum stretch on your calf muscles. While doing lunges, one must keep the back straight, else you can have severe back injuries.workout for calf muscles

  8. Yoga:

    A combination of multiple aasanas and pranayams are an effective way to lose that extra bulge from your legs. These include both sitting on the floor and in standing position and are proven to be effective for these muscles.workout for calf muscles

  9. Reaching the toes:

    There can be two alternates for this particular exercise. You can do this while standing or while sitting on the floor. Either ways it is very effective in toning the calf muscles. Always remember to keep the knees straight while performing this exercise, else it won’t be much effective and might as well lead to sore back.workout for calf muscles

  10. Squats:

    Besides shaping the hip muscles, squats are a good way to tone the calf muscles too. Be it front squats or split squats, they have great effect on calves. Always remember to do pulse squats after each set.workout for calf muscles

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