FAQ About Clash Of Titan : Bangalore’s Sports & Fitness Championship

We have given out all the information that was needed to understand the concept of this sports & running fiesta. But, we understand you might have some small queries regarding the event.

We are putting out all the relevant questions you might have related to Clash Of Titan. Let me remind you that this event being Sponsored by ACT Fibernet In Association With WeWork and FreshMenu. You can expect a fast wifi connection at the venue from ACT Fibernet. Free T-Shirts & Sippers will be given to all the participants by WeWork. Guys, you must checkout their Co-Working spaces. It’s phenomenal. Avail tasty snacks and lunch from a brand that has redefined the food tech sector, Presenting FreshMenu. 

Other sponsors are Epigamia (Greek Yogurt), Laundrokart (Online Laundry Service), GoPower (Nutrition Bars)

Partners: Gopalan Sports Center, Decathlon Sarjapur, GoEventz, Sporthood and many more.

For getting a detailed look at the event’s every single detail : CLICK HERE

Let’s see what questions you may have:

1. How do I register for these events? You can

You can visit the below link to register for your choice of Sports.
Register Here: http://www.clashoftitan.com

2. Can we do the registrations on the spot?

Sorry, but there is no on spot registration for this tournament. As this is a corporate tournament we need to have all the details of the participants before hand for the smooth execution of the event.

3. How can i avail discount for the entry fees?

Hurrah!!! You can avail a 10% discount on the entry fees by using coupon code – CLASH10. This is an early bird offer and expires on 15th August 2017.

4. Can you provide a better discount if we do a bulk registration?

Whoopee!!! Yes, there is a special discount for bulk registrations. You can contact on +91-9711236369 for getting special discount for bulk registration. You will be helped at all the steps for your registration.

Bulk registration happens if you have more than 2 teams to register in Cricket or Football. More than 10 players in Badminton or Table Tennis and more than 15 runners in case of the running event.

5. Can we do the registration through our company? Can you raise an invoice rather than online transaction?

Oh Boy!!! You are lucky this time too. You can surely do the registration through your company and we will be providing the invoice of your registration amount instantly.

6. What are the last dates of registration in each category?

The registration for the tournament will close 4 days prior to the Event Date of the respective Tournaments.

7. Is the prize money given in cash or cheque?

All the prize money for all the tournaments will be given by cheque on the event day itself.

8. Do we have to carry any proof that we are from a startup or corporate?

Oh Yes!!! You will have to carry your Company Id card for verification on the event day.

9. How do you distinguish between a corporate and a startup?

10. Can we mix teams from different startups and corporate to form one single team?

Of Course!!! You can have a team which can be a mix of different corporates for Corporate team and a mix of startup for the Startup team as you represent your Clan.

You cannot have a mix of Startup and Corporate in the same team.

11. Can I cancel my entry in case I am not available for the event?

Yes, you can cancel your registration if you are not available for the event. The request of cancellation of the registration has to be made 7 days prior to the Event Date. 10% of the registration amount will be deducted from the entry fees and the rest amount will be refunded to your bank account.

Apart from event cancellation under no circumstances, the Entry Fees will be not refunded.

12. When can we collect the free T-Shirt & Sippers?

T-Shirt and Sippers can be collected on the event day from the Organiser’s desk. You will have to reach 30 minutes prior to the Event time for collecting your T-shirt and Sippers in a hassle free manner.

13. For Running, when will the bib, T-Shirt and timing chip distribution happen?

The Bib and T-Shirt will be distributed an hour before the race starts. You can collect your T-shirts from Organizer desk at the venue which will be followed by a Zumba Session for warm up.

14. Do you have baggage counter at the venue?

Yes!!! Arrangements will be made for keeping your belongings safe at the venue. You don’t have to worry and can enjoy your event. Cheers!!!

15. Where can we see our photos and videos of the event?

Eureka!!! You can find your awesome and dashing Pictures on our official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sportzify/ . The pictures will be uploaded within 2 days post event day. We will share the Google Drive link on the email of the event picture and videos.

16. When will you share the fixture and reporting time of every event?

All the necessary details like Fixtures, Timings, Rules, Route Map will be shared 2 days prior the event date.

17. What if I am a bit late for my match?

You will have to inform the organiser of your delay and expected arrival timings. The organiser can give you a maximum of half an hour threshold timings from their side after getting an approval from your opponents. The threshold timing for waiting may vary according to the situation on the event day.

Your team or you will be disqualified incase you do not report at your scheduled time.

18. If I have registered on my name and I am not available, can someone else play on my behalf?

Surely!!! Yes, you can put your own soldier in your place in case you are not available for the event. But the participating member should belong to the same class as yours i.e. StartUp or Corporate, whichever you are. You also have to inform the organisers of the change before the event.

19. What’s the age limit for this tournament?

It is 20+. There is no upper age limit for the participation. We would not accept any registration from person who are below 20 as on the Event Day.

20. Are state ranked players allowed to participate?

Nooo!!! Top 25 state ranking players are not allowed to participate in the tournament. This is to maintain the competition healthy and encourage and support other non-professional players.

21. Can you brief the locations for different sports & running events?

Please visit this link to know about all the Venue details for different Sports and Running event of the event http://www.clashoftitan.com/#  .

22. Can I change my team after playing one match if anyone is not available the next day?

No, you cannot introduce a new member in your team. But you can exchange your team with the players which have registered for the tournament. You will have to submit full Team members detail before the tournament and you can only rotate players from the given team members list.

23. For Runners, Is Daud 2017 a Timed Run?

Oh Yes!!! Cheers!!! It is a timed run. 5k, 10k and Half Marathon are timed run whereas 3k is not a timed run. Your timings for the race will be sent to you on a mail within 2 days after the event day.

All the other queries for runners are answered here – https://www.sportzify.com/events/id-l0kHCsil57

24. For Runners, What are the cash prizes for the event?

Please check this link for the cash prizes and other deliverables which you will get. http://www.clashoftitan.com/daud-half-marathon-2017/

25. Can someone from any other city participate in clash of titan?

Welcome!!! Sportzify welcomes you with all its warm and sincere greetings for the tournament. We would love to serve you and give you the best time for the effort you are making. You can contact +91-9711236369 for any queries and we will be more than happy to serve you.

26. Is there charges for spectators as well?

Nop, everyone is welcome to watch the matches without any cost.

27. I am in college, Can i participate?

Sorry, the event is strictly for working professionals or business owners.

28. How can i connect with the organiser of Clash of titan?

You can contact +91-9711236369 or mail us at hello@sportzify.com for any queries and we will be more than happy to serve you.


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