LaundroKart Speaks About Clash Of Titan

LaundroKart, the on-demand laundry service, is yet again associated with us for CLASH OF TITAN 2017 after the grand success of Bangalore Sports Carnival. is the most popular Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service in Bangalore offering best in class Laundry & Dry Cleaning services. All the regular players out there don’t need to worry about the dirty clothes anymore, here’s your friend in need – LaundroKart.

Sportzify & LaundroKart have been together for quite some time to inculcate Sports in Bangalore. When we discussed the concept of Clash of Titan with LaundroKart, they were thrilled. Now the whole team of LaundroKart is super-charged & excited for the battle between Startups & Corporates in Clash of Titan.


Let’s hear it from LaundroKart, what they feel about Clash of Titan in their own words:


Q – First and foremost What’s your take on the concept of ‘Clash Of Titan’ – StartUp Vs Corporate?

A healthy competition we would like to call it. We think this event challenges the potential of the personnel of each of the backgrounds to perform out of their comfort zone. This event provides an equal opportunity to Startups and the Corporates, and it would be interesting to witness this one-of-a-kind competition.


Q – Do you think it is fair to make Startups which has comparatively less number of employees compete against a full fledged army of Corporates?

There is no such thing as fair and unfair in the battleground. If you’re strong you will win and if not, you will lose. We believe the real strength lies in the team and the dedication put forth and not in the number of players. So, we would suggest all the players come to the battleground and witness the true strength themselves.


Q – Before we move forward with this interview, Can you help us understand What is LaundroKart? We understand Your brand is pretty well known in the market but it will be great to explain some of our readers who haven’t heard about your team.

LaundroKart is an on-demand laundry service that is easily available to you at the tap of a button. We pick-up your laundry as per your schedule, clean and iron carefully, neatly pack it and deliver it back to you freshly. Our 5-star laundry and dry cleaning service is what makes us distinct from the rest and this is one of the reasons why we would suggest you look for us and try us out.


Q – Let’s divert our attention to the Clash Of Titan happening in the month of September. Can you tell our Sports & Fitness enthusiasts what can they expect from LaundroKart during the event? We heard you are giving away some discount coupons.

Yes, coming back to the event. As the Laundry sponsors, we are giving away an Exclusive Discount of Rs. 200 on the first order to all our new customers of the event.


Q – At Sportzify, we say that our Passion for Sports and the zeal to make glamorous sports entities for the masses and not the classes make us different from anyone else. What’s that X-Factor with LaundroKart that people can notice that difference at one go?

We, at LaundroKart, thrive to make the lives of people easy and happier by providing premium quality laundry and dry cleaning services, as is our primary motive. Just as Sportzify makes it easier for all the sports enthusiasts to find a platform to showcase their talent, we aim at giving a hassle free solution to the people who are unable to manage their daily laundry chores.


Q – Let’s dig deep into the event now. Who’s your pick for the event – StartUps Or Corporates? And Why?

As said earlier, you only know the true winner in the battleground, rest all are just speculations. It’s all in the spirit and the dedication that matters and we’re sure, as sports individuals, we all have it in us and we’ll all try to present our best.


Q – One message that you would like to convey to all the sports & fitness enthusiast of Bangalore?

Go for it and sweat it out. Don’t worry about your sweaty clothes, we will take care of it. We wish all the participants Best of Luck!


Take a sneak peak of Clash of Titan 2017 here:

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