Greek Yogurt Brand Epigamia’s take on Clash Of Titan

Epigamia, one of India’s first premium Greek Yogurt brands, is onboard with us as the Health Snack Partner for the Biggest Sports War of Indian Silicon Valley – CLASH OF TITAN 2017Startup Vs Corporates.

Epigamia is a healthy alternative to traditional snacks, made using an ancient Greek process of straining Yogurt, with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. The thick and creamy Greek Yogurt is all that a player needs for a quick snack, low in fat and high in Protein.

For all our Participants, Epigamia is bringing little cups full of goodness, loaded with natural ingredients and bursting with delicious flavours, which will have your taste buds dancing till the last spoon!


Read on to know what’s there for you to look forward to Clash of Titan in Epigamia’s words:


Q – First and foremost What’s your take on the concept of ‘Clash Of Titan’ – StartUp Vs Corporate?

Clash of Titan – Startup Vs Corporate is a great concept and extremely exciting since Startups are always considered as the understated while Corporates are the Big Leagues.


Q – Do you think it is fair to make Startups which has comparatively less number of employees compete against a full fledged army of Corporates?

It is definitely fair since at Startups each employee is equivalent to at least 10 employees at a Corporate company. Startups have very efficient staff since each person has to take care of multiple responsibilities and tend to be all-rounders.


Q – Before we move forward with this interview, Can you help us understand What is Epigamia? We understand Your brand is pretty well known in the market but it will be great to explain some of our readers who haven’t heard about your team.

Epigamia is the first Greek Yogurt brand in India and it is one of the superfoods that are consumed pre and post workout as it has a very high protein content which helps in muscle building and energy accumulation. It is also low in fat, high in calcium and an extremely healthy snack. We have a variety of flavours as well as another product called Epigamia Snack Pack which contains Greek Yogurt and Granola that can be mixed while consuming. We are the only all natural product with zero preservatives found currently in the market.


Q – At Sportzify, we say that our Passion for Sports and the zeal to make glamorous sports entities for the masses and not the classes makes us different from anyone else. What’s that X-Factor with Epigamia that people can notice that difference at one go?

As you events are catered to the classes, even Epigamia is definitely aimed at the classes. The concept of a Greek Yogurt is extremely foreign to people in India but they are loving the product since we have launched it. Thicker and creamier Yogurt with a high protein and low-fat content is extremely appealing to the health conscious class and they consume an Epigamia almost every day. Being the only product in the market without preservatives makes us different from any other Yogurt brand out there. Epigamia can also be had as a perfect snack since it is the right blend of health and taste.


Q – Let’s dig deep into the event now. Who’s your pick for the event – StartUps Or Corporates? And Why?

We would always pick Startups as they are the underdogs and will always rise up slowly but with great recognition.


Q – One message that you would like to convey to all the sports & fitness enthusiast of Bangalore?

Epigamia Greek Yogurt is a great pre and post workout snack and we would urge people to try it and make it a daily snack.


Here’s a quick glimpse of Clash of Titan for you:

To Know More About Clash of Titan – CLICK HERE


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