CredR’s Viewpoint on Clash Of Titan – Sports War

CredR, the most trusted brand for used two-wheelers in India is onboard with us as the Riding Partner for the Biggest Sports War CLASH OF TITAN 2018 Startup Vs Corporates.

All the Working Professionals of Bangalore have got an opportunity to showcase their Sports skills to help their clan lift the Ultimate Championship Title of Startup Vs Corporate SPORTS WAR.

In a span of 2 weekends of Sept, we have 5 Sports for Startups & Corporates to compete in & 1 Big Marathon to mark an end to this War.

CredR is handing out exclusive coupons during the event days, for those who are looking to buy a quality used two-wheeler.

Here’s what CredR has to say about the Clash Of Titan Event 2018

1. Firstly, your comment on the whole theme and entity of Clash Of Titan – Startup Vs Corporate 2018?

Everyone needs fitness, especially the ones who are glued to their chairs at work all day. Clash of Titan is a creative effort to give the everyday 9 to 5 routine a break and spare some time for play. The very idea of COT that fitness doesn’t differentiate between Corporates and Startups speaks for itself; everyone should strive for a healthy lifestyle and win the battle.

2. Do you think it’s going to be bigger than the first edition which saw more than 1400 participants?

Positively! With the growing number of people hitting gyms, sparing time for exercising and going on a health regime, Fitness has become quite the new cool. Also, since people are already aware of the previous year’s Clash of Titan, we are hoping more participants would be eager to join in.

3. What made your brand to come onboard for this entity as a Sponsor?

We all need some adventure, don’t we?

Riding bikes is a lot about seeking adventure and fun. CredR’s brand spirit speaks of riding forward towards challenges, excellence, focus and progress.

We thought what better way than a Sports Battle to experience all of it? So, here we are!

4. How does your brand align itself to the ongoing growth of people’s mindset towards sports & fitness?

We are always eager to associate ourselves with entities that spread a word about a good cause. Be it road safety, environment, wellness, fitness or any other. Lately, we had also partnered for the Sportzify’s Decathlon India Run to promote fitness. Through brand alliances such as these, we encourage our patrons to take part and stay motivated.

5. What can our sports & fitness enthusiasts expect from your brand during the event days?

We hail from the Startup community and we are definitely cheering for our clan. We are giving away some exclusive discount coupons during the event days.


Those who are looking for a quality used two-wheeler at the best price can reserve a bike online (on and visit our stores for a test ride.

6. One message for the sports & fitness enthusiasts of Bangalore from your brand?

We’d say ride out on a new adventure, hike more, and worry less!

CredR believes there are millions of possibilities. You can win any battle in life if you keep going with a confidence that nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

7. One thing that makes your brand align with the sports & fitness enthusiast of this particular sports league.

CredR as a brand resonates with the youth, energy and everything that leads to progress. We take pride in contributing to the fitness revolution and are more than happy to inspire and influence people to Get, Set, Fit!


What are you waiting for?

Get Ready with your colleagues to take on the Biggest Sporting Challenge for your clan!

The War is on – #StartupVsCorporate


Take a look at the Teaser of Clash Of Titan 2018 Here:


For more details, visit


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