Time to Watchout the ‘Clash Of Titan’ – StartUp Vs Corporate Sports War

All our Sports & Fitness enthusiastic customers have been asking us What next are we giving them after a successful Bangalore Sports Carnival 2017. For the first time, we have seen people waiting for playing on a glamorous platform for localised sports.

At Sportzify, our motive of introducing Big Glamorous Sports & Fitness entities was to make localised sports more structured and bring glamor to it. This gives a special feel to the people while participating in these Sports & Fitness fiestas.

Finally, after a lot of discussion among our team, we have been able to formulate another Sport & Running fiesta for the people of Bangalore. This time it’s going to be Bigger & Better.

Presenting ‘Clash Of Titan’ – A Sports & Fitness War between #StartUps & #Corporates. The basic structure of the entity still revolves around Sports & Running but the theme is new and interesting.

Check out the Teaser Video Below. I bet you will love it. 

Our customers have been from both Startups and Corporates. Both the sectors have a different style, different lifestyle but one thing in common – ‘Passion For Sports’. No matter how good their team is, how good the opponent is there is always a tough fight you can expect from their end.

Website Link: www.clashoftitan.com 

Sports doesn’t discriminate on the basis of your company size, investments you have received, how cool is your office. There is only one thing that matters – Your passion and zeal to compete.

‘Clash Of Titan’ – Presented by Act Fibernet in association with WeWork and FreshMenu – A Sports War (StartUp Vs Corporate) is not just meant for people who are good at playing Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis or are professional runners.

It’s a platform for every single Men & Woman who have some level of interest in doing some interesting activities over the weekend. 

It’s a Sports fiesta for all those who are looking to spend their weekend by doing something new and reliving their childhood dream of becoming a sports superstar. 

We have seen several platforms for engagements where people give talks, present their ideas and do networking. We wanted to make it a bit different and bring a flavour of sports to it.

Clash Of Titan will provide every single sports & fitness enthusiast to engage and meet different people with a different mindset but similar interest.

Ladies and Gentleman! It’s going to be Your Talent, Your Passion, and Our Platform. 

It’s time to represent your clan and showcase the talent you have. Let’s watch out for the Ultimate Sports Champions of Bangalore – StartUps Or Corporates? 

In the next few blogs, you will get to know about our partners for the event and every single detail about this Sports extravaganza.

If you still have a question how we bring glamour to these sports entities then watch the video of Bangalore Sports Carnival that was concluded last month. More than 1450 participants across 4 Sports & 1 Running event.

We bet you will feel like a superstar while you are playing your game. 

All the details that you would like to know about Clash Of Titan is here – www.clashoftitan.com


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