ACT Fibernet’s Stance on Clash Of Titan – Sports War

ACT Fibernet, the disruptor of Indian Broadband Ecosystem, is all set to flag off Bangalore’s Biggest Sports War – Clash Of Titan 2017 as the Title Sponsor for the event.

We believe in Clash of Titan is not just for playing your sport, it’s about connecting with your sports and with the people of your domain, be it the Startup or Corporate. It’s a platform for networking with like minded Sports Enthusiasts of Bangalore. Just like us, ACT Fibernet provides Connectivity at its Best with its lightening fast Internet making it the 3rd Largest Internet Service Provider of India.

This time you won’t have to wait to upload your pics or stream your videos of the events of Clash of Titan as ACT Fibernet is creating high-speed WiFi Zones at all our Venues.


Read on to know what ACT Fibernet thinks about the Clash Of Titan 2017


Q – First and foremost What’s your take on the concept of ‘Clash Of Titan’ – StartUp Vs Corporate?

Unique – is the first word that strikes our mind. It is a fight for the night and we are more than excited to be part of this. Sports teaches us various attributes that can be useful in one’s life most often which is forgotten in the corporate rat race. We hope to bring weeks of healthy competition to the Millennials of Bangalore and strike a right chord in their work life balance


Q – Do you think it is fair to make Startups which has comparatively less number of employees compete against a full fledged army of Corporates?

Numbers do not justify performance. An army of corporates also can be defeated by a battalion of start ups. At the end, even though result matters, we cannot miss the journey of passion, grit and excitement that each individual contributes to making this event successful.


Q – Before we move forward with this interview, Can you help us understand What is ACT Fibernet? We understand Your brand is pretty well known in the market but it will be great to explain some of our readers who haven’t heard about your team.

ACT Fibernet is a brand for the youth who is future ready. Imagine 1 GBPS of speeds being a reality!


Q – We understand you are very conscious in your decision of coming onboard with any sponsorship? So, Can you throw some light on Why did ACT Fibernet decide to jump on this concept of a Sports Clash between the two style of working population in Bangalore?

ACT Fibernet represents the millennial brand and we feel the fitment is perfect. The Internet is a basic necessity for these millennials to have a social life and we would like to bring the two together as close as we can.


Q – Let’s divert our attention to the Clash Of Titan happening in the month of September. Can you tell our Sports & Fitness enthusiasts what can they expect from ACT Fibernet during the event?

Ssshhh we do not spill or tell ! Come aboard the journey to know more! 😀


Q – At Sportzify, we say that our passion for sports and the zeal to make glamorous sports entities for the masses and not the classes make us different from anyone else. What’s that X-Factor with ACT Fibernet that people can notice that difference at one go?

Firstly the Speeds – Lightning fast internet speeds have always been our forte and we are the cut above the rest! To bring the masses and classes together, our prices have always been pegged nominally.

Secondly, we love giving our customers surprises! Join the ACT family and you will notice most often we upgrade plans at no extra cost!


Q – If somebody wants to reach out to your team or check out your amazing offers, what’s the best way to do that?

We have moved digital – Download the cool new ACT Fibernet App and access an array of features directly.

If you are the conventional kind – call us at 080 42840099 or SMS ACTFAST to 56767


Q – Let’s dig deep into the event now. Who’s your pick for the event – StartUps Or Corporates? And Why?

We pick on players or team and not the division of workplace they come from!

May the best man/team win!


Q – One message that you would like to convey to all the sports & fitness enthusiast of Bangalore?

In today’s time & age, adopting a healthy lifestyle is of great essence. So next time we choose a perfect job/career – do not forget to treat your body with the same amount of care & respect.

Do not abuse your body whilst you are young and regret it later.

Stay active – stay fit!


Q – ACT’s culture is always about promoting the best connection for the community so that there is no delay connecting with family, friends or office meetings. Do you find any similarity with this event which can be a new way of making communities and transforming the way meetups are done?

Absolutely! ACT represents social networking or professional networking and Clash of Titans represents Sports professional networking!


Q – Any Special offers of ACT which you think might be useful for our audience to know about? Can you explain them?

Spot offers to lucky sign-ups and gratification to winners can be expected. Stay tuned for more!


Here’s a quick glimpse of Clash of Titan for you:


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