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We had many brands in the market for the fitness domain who wanted to be a part of Bangalore Sports Carnival. But, there is a reason we chose MEVOLIFE as fitness merchandise sponsor. There products and services are focussed on making a better experience for sports & fitness enthusiasts which goes along side our vision. 

Checkout what the brand managers have to say about BSC 2017 and their collaboration:

● What is the reason for your Company coming into this event?

Mevolife would like to be a part of this event in order to show its support for fitness activities. The main focus of the company is to motivate people to be aware for fitness. It is important for people to know that health really plays a significant role in their lives. All the people who will be taking that extra step for being healthy will be rewarded for their actions by Mevolife.

● How do you feel your brand would create an impact in the Sports and Fitness domain in the country?

We are a fitness 360 Brand. We cover almost all grounds of the fitness domain and hence this will definitely create an impact to the sports and fitness industry as a whole. The various segments targeted by Mevolife include –

Mevo App – A 360 degree fitness solution which aims at absolute fitness. Comprehensive app in which you can get each & every thing you can think around fitness.
Mevo Club – A platform initiated by Mevolife to bridge the gap between Dietitians/Fitness Trainers & the end users. They both can easily connect on Mevo platform and achieve the desired goals faster.

Mevo Gymo – A platform created by Mevolife to help Gyms around the globe go digital and have an amazing online presence.
Mevo Events – An initiative taken by Mevolife to power fitness events by developing apps for them and by also providing various types of sponsorship offerings.

Mevo Fit – Fashionable Fitness Merchandise of Mevolife which includes Fitness Bands, Sports Sippers, Gym Bags & Fitness Apparels.

● Tell us about your company, your specialisation?

Mevolife Inc. aims at providing a 360 degree fitness solution to all its users with their app “Mevo – Weight Loss & Fitness” which is available both on Android & iPhone. The main target of the app is to provide an complete fitness solution for users which includes calorie tracker, meal options, healthy recipes, workout plans, yoga, fitness challenges, water tracker and more. The specialization of the company lies in providing the best information and services to the entire health segment.

● Do you encourage your employees to participate in Sporting and Fitness activities?

Yes, we do. Our employees are an active participant of all the fitness activities that are sponsored by our company. Along with this, they are always encouraged to go over the board and take initiative for healthy living.

● One more question, are you guys all geared up for the upcoming Bangalore Sports Carnival?

We surely are eagerly waiting for the Bangalore sports carnival and so are the employees of our company.

● A message for all the Bangaloreans for the Bangalore Sports Carnival 2017?

Here is an amazing opportunity to stand apart from the crowd. Take a leap ahead and grab the opportunity to become the part of this amazing sports carnival. It’s time for Absolute Fitness with Mevolife & Sportzify.

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