Bangalore Sports Carnival: Sponsor’s Corner – Enerzal

Bangaloreans ! Presenting our Hydration Partner for the Bangalore Sports Carnival 2017. Please welcome – Enerzal. It’s a brand which is well known among all the sports & fitness enthusiasts. Checkout the health drinks at the Sports & Running venue during the Sports tournaments & running events.

Let’s have a look what the Enerzal Team has to say about the event:

  • What is the reason for your Company coming into this event?

This is a sports carnival and it is a balanced energy drink which helps to prevent dehydration and improve performance.

We think this is a perfect fit and a good platform to create awareness about Enerzal & hydration


  • How do you feel your brand would create an impact in the Sports and Fitness domain in the country?

Enerzal is India’s fastest growing brand. It is a balanced energy drink which is required & used by all the sports and fitness enthusiasts.

Enerzal is a scientific product and has shown great results. It would definitely help the people in sports and fitness domain to achieve their best    


  • Tell us about your company, your specialisation?

In 1972, FDC Ltd became the pioneer in Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) therapy. Because FDC’s Electral – a simple yet scientific combination of glucose and electrolytes – saved millions of lives threatened due to dehydration. Subsequently, FDC built on its ORS expertise to deliver a tasty rehydrating solution that not only replenished water and electrolytes lost during daily activities, but also refuelled balanced energy. Thus, Enerzal was born.

It helps you achieve your personal best by constantly supplying balanced energy and active hydration. To be active –make every sip of your fluid intake count. Drink Enerzal –Balanced Energy Drink – to feel fresh and energetic always!   


  • One more question, are you guys all geared up for the upcoming Bangalore Sports Carnival?

Yes we are! Looking forward to energize all.


  • A message for all the Bangaloreans for the Bangalore Sports Carnival 2017?

Go for it, sweat it out!

With Enerzal by your side, you would surely reach your ultimate potential. 

Do you want to checkout Enerzal product:


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