Bangalore Sports Carnival: Sponsor’s Corner – UTOO Cabs

Ladies and Gentlemen ! We are back with the Sponsor’s corner of Bangalore Sports Carnival. This time it’s a brand which you will surely need if you are coming to BSC venue. Don’t worry we have our Sponsor who will take care of your travel. Presenting – UTOO CABS.

Checkout what the travel champs have to say about being one of the partners of the event

  • What is the reason for your Company coming into this event?

UTOO cabs ltd is a fast paced technologically advanced taxi hailing service having its operation in 3 states. Sportzify-Corporate Bangalore Sports Carnival targets the desired demographics which also caters to UTOO target audience.
UTOO considers this as a strong co-branding opportunity with Sportzify with the focus of a mutually beneficial business opportunity.

  • How do you feel your brand would create an impact in the Sports and Fitness domain in the country?

UTOO was established on the core principles of bridging the gaps that are prevalent in the cab hailing industry. A traveler’s ultimate desire for comfort and safety is what drives us.  UTOO believes in concept of staying healthy and fit hence UTOO has tied up with fitness centers across the city to extend the benefit as loyalty reward to customers.

  • Tell us about your company, your specialization?

UTOO, the fresh entrant in urban commute, is a taxi-hailing service based out of Chennai. With the rise in cab aggregators in the country, there came in a necessity of building a perfect ecosystem for taxi service which is devoid of issues that ruins your taxi-hailing experience. At UTOO, it is our endeavour to sort out these issues of delayed pick up, shabby maintenance, lack of driving skills and disproportionate pricing that inflicts a great amount of anxiety.

  • Do you encourage your employees to participate in Sporting and Fitness activities?

Yes, at UTOO we believe that a perfect harmony needs to be maintained between body, soul & mind and our internal employee engagement team keeps the work culture pepped up and lively as part of fUnTOO Fridays.

  • One more question, are you guys all geared up for the upcoming Bangalore Sports Carnival?

UTOO, as an organization, believes in keeping in enlivening the sportsmanship in every individual. Bangalore Sports Carnival is an anticipated event that reinforces this outlook of UTOO and UTOO is glad to be associated with it.

  • A message for all the Bangaloreans for the Bangalore Sports Carnival 2017?

Bangaloreans, head over with your sporty spirit to the Bangalore Sports Carnival. Worry not, UTOO has got your journey covered.

Want to checkout their service, here you go

Details of the Bangalore Sports Carnival:


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