Bangalore Sports Carnival : Sponsor’s Corner – Real And Whole Nutrition

It gives us a great pleasure to introduce our ‘Health Snack Partner’ Bangalore Sports Carnival 2017 – ‘Raw and Whole Nutrition’. We have seen the way the brand has grown it’s popularity in the fitness market. Fitness Enthusiasts just fall in love with the energy bars.

Let’s see what they have to say about the Bangalore Sports Carnival. 

  • What is the reason for your Company coming into this event?

Being involved in sports and activities comes quite naturally to us. Most of our team here at  Real And Whole Nutrition have actively played some level of sports at the Collegiate level and beyond like Tennis, Running and Soccer.

We also love to support community minded, sustainable, athletic and socially responsible events – just as we supported the Contours 2017 Women’s Day Run with over 3000 participants in March recently. We sense the opportunity to engage with individuals inclined towards an active lifestyle and therefore are quite excited to get our core message out – “Snack Healthy, Be Healthy”

  • How do you feel your brand would create an impact in the Sports and Fitness domain in the country?

Nutrition for people wanting to live an active lifestyle is a really difficult proposition in India. Many sports professionals will tell you stories about boring protein shakes, bland tasting high protein foods etc. Here at R.A.W(Real And Whole) we have created a new normal by offering calorie-controlled, pure vegetarian, all-natural convenient Protein Bars & Energy Bars, in a variety of flavours which are actually designed for Indian tastebuds.

Most protein supplements are in the form of powder, and the current generation of bars available in the country are not 100% natural and have a long-tail ingredient list. Quite simply, we are here to help active lifestyle enthusiasts to practice on-the-go, guilt free, convenient snacking and feel that this a great and effective way to be a part of Healthy Eating and Fitness Revolution in India. 

  • Tell us about your company, your specialisation?

We, IA InterAvion India Pvt. Ltd, have been in the medical and lifestyle management field for over a decade. We have a Pan-India presence, and have been engaged in many activities including diet modification and health & sports nutrition. Looking at the market need, and the fact that most current generation Nutrition Bars in the market are not aligned to Indian tastes and the Indian appetite, we chose to design our product from scratch… thus our ethos “bar like none other”. We have designed our bars keeping in mind that the Indian diaspora like to eat great tasting, minimally processed real and whole foods – with an ingredient list which we understand and are familiar with.

Look at our ingredients list (or how short it is) – look at the types of Ancient Grains like Millets and other natural foods based high protein-sources that are listed and finally peruse through the various flavours we have created-  it was only natural that we also became the very first bar to enter the Nutrition Bar market with a Savoury Energy Bar and a Savoury Protein Bar. Yes indeed, bar like none other.

  • Do you encourage your employees to participate in Sporting and Fitness activities?

As mentioned earlier, most of us have had great exposure to various sports, and some of us still find time to enjoy these activities. We encourage our employees to be healthy & maintain a general level of fitness, and with our clinically trained Dietician always around – I guess eating healthy is not really a choice for any of us here. We love to support our employees’ weekend treks, adventures and other sports activities.

  • One more question, Are you guys all geared up for the upcoming Bangalore Sports Carnival?

Yes Indeed!! We are gonna be your Healthful Snacking Partner to fuel up the participants. We are here to change the way people feel about health foods. Sample us at our counters and all the participants will definitely want more!

  • A message for all the Bangaloreans for the Bangalore Sports Carnival 2017?

You Work hard.. Play harder, and remember nutrition has a major role in reaching your individual goals. We will always be there fuelling you up with our All-natural Real And Whole Nutrition Bars. See you all there. 

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  1. Sir I am Darshan ….from Bangalore….I. 18. Years old and I love bodybuilding ….but my family cannot support me financially…so I am in search of a sponsor ….I will be greatfull for you if you do so sir

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