Bangalore Sports Carnival: Sponsor’s Corner -LaundroKart

Heya! Do you worry about getting your clothes cleaned after playing? Don’t worry anymore and play hard and get your clothes dirty as one of our partner’s at Bangalore Sports Carnival will take care of all your dirty clothes in the most amazing way. Presenting our Laundry Partner for the BSC 2017 – LaundroKart.

Checkout what the company has to say about the event and their services: 

  • What is the reason for your Company coming into this event?

We understand the importance of sports and the impact it has on today’s youth. By sponsoring this event we hope to make a positive contribution to the community. This way we are adding more value to our brand and hope to reach more people.

  • How do you feel your brand would create an impact in the Sports and Fitness domain in the country?

We want to encourage young people and adults alike to partake in fitness activities as this will keep them healthy and will eventually impact the overall health of the community. As a Dry Cleaning company we would be privileged to be lending a helping hand in such a cause.

  • Tell us about your company, your specialisation?

LaundroKart is an on-demand laundry service presently operating in Bangalore offering laundry and dry cleaning services.  We are first in collaborating with hotel and providing a 5-star laundry service and provide customers with a free door-step delivery and pick-up of clothes to over 50 locations around Bangalore. 

  • Do you encourage your employees to participate in Sporting and Fitness activities?

We have regularly hold Badminton and Cricket Tournaments for our employees and also encourage employees who run marathons. Apart from this, we also take our employees on outdoor adventure camps where each individuals fitness is put to test.

  • One more question, are you guys all geared up for the upcoming Bangalore Sports Carnival?

Yes, we are absolutely thrilled about this event and hope it receives unmatched participation.

  • A message for all the Bangaloreans for the Bangalore Sports Carnival 2017 from LaundroKart?

We would like to reach out to all individuals and tell them how important it is to participate in the Bangalore Sports Carnival 2017. We hope for such events to happen more frequently.

Checkout LaundroKart website for further details:

For the event details checkout:


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