8 Reasons Why You Should Participate in Clash Of Titan

Everyone has been asking why are we so excited about our next entity where Act Fibernet in association with WeWork & FreshMenu presents Clash Of Titan theme. Why are we doing this event? What is the need of introducing such a theme?

Our vision to introduce this Sports & Running fiesta is to bring glamor to localized sports. We want to make each and every single sports enthusiast like you feel like the next big superstar. Until and unless we bring fun, entertainment into the basic level the interest level of people will not reach a great level.

We want to make people play a sport of their choice on every single weekend. Instead of making a plan for a movie why not play a game of Badminton. That’s our mission.

This theme where different Startups combine together to compete against the mix of different Corporates will provide a great platform to watch out for the ultimate warrior of Bangalore Sports. Two different set of individuals with two different styles but one single thing in common i.e. Passion for Sports.

If you haven’t seen the details, CLICK HERE

We have many reasons Why Anyone Should Participate In This Extravaganza. Here are few of them:

1.Experience The Feeling of Representing Your Clan

When you are a part of a group and you have the responsibility of making sure your group wins, that feeling brings the best out of any individual. This is the reason we have separated this Sports & Running fiesta into two sections where startups compete against the corporates.

It’s time to form your Team or participate individually to represent your Clan.

2. Relive Your Childhood Dream 

Nobody can deny this fact that during your childhood days every single child had a dream of becoming a sports icon of the country. But very few of us were actually able to pursue it. We know it’s really tough to take out time to relive those days.

But, Clash Of Titan will provide you an amazing glamorous sports platform which will make you feel like a superstar while you are competing against your fellow Bangaloreans.

3. Compete Against The Best 

We understand you don’t like competing against a below power opponent. This sports tournament will provide you a chance of coming up in the league in your clan and then competing against the best players and teams in the city.

Time be a part of a tournament where you will see smashes, fast bowling and freekicks and other skills at its very best.

4. Big Prize Money On Stake

Now let’s talk about Money. We are not going to send the winners and runners up empty hand. We have kept prizes for the Top 4 in every sport and in every category.

Total Prize worth more than Rs 4.0 Lakh will be given in this Fiesta across 4 Sports & 1 Running event.

Total Cash Prizes of more than Rs 1.75 Lakh will be given to the top 4 along with Trophies + Medals + Certificates + Goodies.

5. A Bunch of Freebies For Everyone

We don’t want anyone to go back home empty handed. Every single participant in a Individual sport or a team sport or running will be getting a free T-Shirt and a Sipper from WeWork.

Along with this, every single participant will be getting various discount coupon + goodies from several brands. 

6. Your Basic Food Requirements Are Taken Care

We understand you will get tired after playing some matches. We don’t want you to be hungry.

We will be keeping unlimited Nutrition Bars, Greek Yogurt from EPIGAMIA and Energy drinks at no extra charges for every single participant. We will also be providing you discount coupons from FreshMenu in case you want to order something at the venue.

7. Great Discounts For Getting Into The Tournament

Don’t worry about the entry fees. We have kept it nominal even though we are spending big money on giving full value to every single participant.

We have Super Early Bird Discount going on till 20th August. Discount Code: CLASH10

We have early bird Discount going on from 20th Aug-4th September. Discount Code: CLASH5

15% discount if any company wants to more than 3 registrations in Cricket or more than 3 registrations in Football or more than 15 registration in Badminton or more than 15 registration in Table Tennis or more than 25 registration in Marathon. For this connect with us on 9742172747.

8. Meet-Up Of A New Style & Spend Your Weekend In A New Way

This a new! Everyone has heard of meetups where people come and talk over a topic or discuss certain issues. We are bringing a new style of meetup. It’s called #CourtPeCharcha . Why not spend an evening with folks with a similar passion as yours and see what can come out of that meeting. Be a part of this new trend of meetup where you compete against people of different mindset but similar passion for sports.

This is where our Sponsors like WeWork have played a big role. The vision aligns in a big way. Building a community which driven by passion for something you love is what’s there on top of mind.

You know what. If you are a Sports & Fitness enthusiast this blog doesn’t matter for you. We don’t need reasons to participate in a Sports Tournament or Marathon event. We are passionate about it and we shall be a part of it no matter what the cash prize is.

If you are still thinking about being a part of the tournament, I would recommend you to checkout the website and go through all the details of each and every event.

Website Details: www.clashoftitan.com

Once you have made your mind to register for the event then use the Super Early Bird Discount Code: CLASH10 for availing a 10% discount on your entry fees for clash of titan. 


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