7 Things Every Participant Will Get In Clash Of Titan

I hope you are already aware of Bangalore’s Biggest Sports & Fitness Fiesta for working professionals. Yes, you got it right. I am talking about Clash Of Titan – Startups Vs Corporate Presented to You By  Act Fibernet in Association with WeWork & FreshMenu presents

4 Sports Tournament (Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis) for both Men & Women + 1 Running Event (Daud 2017 – Timed Run with Half Marathon, 3K, 5K & 10K Run). All this takes place on 3 weekends in 3 locations of Bangalore. Running event in Sarjapur, Football in Marathahalli and Badminton & Table Tennis in Whitefield.

Prizes are big but there is a lot more at stake. It’s the reputation and the title of becoming the best Sportsperson of Bangalore. It’s a war between Startups & Corporates. You can mix teams from different companies and represent your clan. But make sure you do come onboard to get the feeling of a new themed sports entity in localized sport.

It’s an innovative way to introduce a new style of meetup. We call it #GroundPeCharcha .

This entity is not just about winners. We want everyone to go back home with a bundle of memories.

Website Details: www.clashoftitan.com

Check out 7 Things Which Every Single Participant Of Clash Of Titan Will Get: 

1. T-Shirts For Every Participant

This time the T-Shirts have been kept for all the participants who come for any sports or running category. It’s a beautifully designed Black T-Shirt being Sponsored by WeWork. If you are on social media look for their campaign #DoWhatYouLove. 

Don’t worry about the sizes. We are taking all these information when you register for the event.

2. Sipper (Water bottle)

This is something new. We have seen participants looking for water glass during the tournament and there is lot of dirt that’s there for cleaning at the end of the tournament.

This time every single participant will be receiving Sipper bottle to enjoy their health drink or water. It’s also being given away by our Associate Sponsor WeWork.

3. Discount Vouchers & Food Coupons

We have many brands on board for Clash Of Titan who will be giving away their brand’s vouchers. Brands like CredR, MC Donalds, Zebronics, Nutrition bars from GoPower Nutrition and much more.

Special food coupons shall be given to every participant from our Associate Sponsor Freshmenu in case you want to order a light meal during the tournament.

For the runners, Breakfast will be given free of cost. We are sure you are going to love your meal in Clash of Titan.

4. Unlimited Greek Yogurt , Nutrition Bars & Energy Drinks

Don’t worry about your light snacks during the sports event. We have taken care of that.

You will have an option of having unlimited Greek Yogurt from Epigamia, Nutrition Bars from GoPower Nutrition and Health Drinks from Redbull, Enerzal for your refreshment. 

5. Pictures & Videos While Playing

This point might sound really funny. What’s there to mention about this point. Isn’t it part of the organisation?

You know this is one of the most important things which almost all the sports & running enthusiast send us queries about. We make sure we don’t miss out in covering even one single person. Along with your pics, we also make small videos of some of the most interesting games.

When you are participating in a such a glamorous platform we owe your Facebook & Instagram profile pic. 

6. Super Early Bird Discount Code 

We give a fair chance to every participant to get their registrations done at the least cost possible. This is the reason we run Super Early Bird Discount & Early Bird Discount Code where you can avail 10% & 5% discount on the entry fees.

This time the discount percentage has been increased from 5% to 10% for a span of 15 days. Do register by then. 

Super Early Bird Discount Code: CLASH10 (Valid till 20th Aug)

Early Bird Discount Code: CLASH5 

7. Chance To Be Among The Top 4 & Get Big Cash Prizes and a Superfast Wifi Zone on the venue:

This is something which has made our entity grow bigger that Bangalore Sports Carnival. In our Sports & Running events we don’t just give prizes for winners & runners. We facilitate the Top 4 from every category in all the clashes.

Total Prizes that would be given will be more than Rs 4.0 Lakh 

Cash Prizes will be more than Rs 1.75 Lakh.

Act Fibernet is giving a free superfast wifi zone on the venue for you to go live on Facebook and upload real time pictures on from the battleground and a lot more happenings on the digital world..

All these are just freebies which hardly matter to real sports & running enthusiast. We can assure you the most important thing which every single participant will get.

It’s the feeling of representing your clan, it’s the feeling of participating in something which was once your childhood dream. The platform will give you a glamorous stage that will make you feel like a superstar.

Clash of Titan welcomes you all to this new theme of sports tournament & running event where nobody returns home empty handed. You will have T-shirt & sippers from WeWork, goodies, vouchers and most importantly uncountable memories. 

Website Detail: www.clashoftitan.com



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