5 Cricket Commentators We Love listening To

A number of famous  players have had a second career as writers or Cricket commentators. However, many commentators never played the game at a professional level, yet they have gone on to become famous names associated with the game.

Here is our list of top 5 Cricket Commentators who we love listening to:

Richie Benaud

The classic Richie Benaud is the by far the finest cricket commentator who has ever lived. There are also some who say that he is the best commentator across all of any sport played. His every word has enhanced the cricket watching experience for people world over. Richie was the oldest serving member among the present day commentators. Richie provided impartial opinions and also gave user a taste of history by remembering various moments of the game in the yester years. His opinions and insights on captaincy are top notch. He is actually referred to as the ‘The Bradman of the Microphone’ for his exploits in the commentary box.

Cricket Commentators

Geoffrey Boycott

One of the best opening batsmen England has ever produced and hence, nobody can doubt his knowledge on the game. The famous accent and dry humor made him one of the top favorite Cricket commentators. Boycott has his own original ways and provides the traditional views especially during the test matches. His stories and comparisons about his ‘mam’ and ‘grandmam’ are rather entertaining.

Cricket Commentators

Harsha Bhogle

One of the very few commentators who’ve never played cricket at that level but has got into the elite commentary box. A knowledgeable person, who passed out from IIM A, is great with stats and presents very logical and balanced views. He caters to the general fans and coordinates with fellow commentators effortlessly. Harsha being an intellect also provides his insights on connections to cultural aspects of the players and teams.

Cricket Commentators

Tony Greig

One of the finest commentators to have gone behind the microphone, Tony Greig is like the Morgan Freeman of cricket. He is makes any dead matches seem interesting with comments and observations. The best of the lot was the famous “Sachin’s desert storm in Sharjhah”, which would have been less dramatic without Tony Greig’s dynamic voice. Purely on the basis of excitement he used to bring by his voice, he is the best commentator for any one being introduced to the game. With the way he explained the various ins and outs and provided forthright views, he was the best person to be on air during the last few overs of a close game.

Cricket Commentators

Michael Holding

Known as ‘Whispering Death’ while bowling for the West Indies Cricket team, this famous cricketer is probably the coolest commentator you’ve ever heard. With his thick Jamaican accent and loads of cricketing knowledge, his style of commentating makes you want more from him. When a fast bowler is not bowling well, it is best to listen to Holding in the commentary box.

Cricket Commentators

Rahul Dravid

With only a few years or so in the commentary box, ‘The Wall’ has managed to carve a niche in the Box. As a humble and modest player on the cricket field, he has taken the spot behind the microphone with a storm. His commentary is deep, nuanced, filled with insight and fully covered over by an exterior of calm and composure, just like his batting.

Cricket Commentators

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