10 things that everyone should learn from – Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli the new superstar of Indian cricket has been making runs at will in any format of the game and at any venue. Popularly known as the run machine Kohli has impressed every single cricketer and critics. Being compared to Sachin Tendulkar at this young age is one of its few achievements.

But, I am not writing this blog for talking about what he has achieved or how has achieved his success. This blog is for all of us to understand what actually takes to rise to the big occasions and making comebacks with sheer dedication and hardwork.

Let’s look at these 10 things which we all should learn from Virat Kohli’s personality.

  1. Show your talent at the biggest stage

Let’s leave the current scenario of his big shot performances. Let’s go back to his U19 world cup where he was the captain and had won the cup for India. His performances in world cup speak for the spark and skills the guy had mastered during his young age.Virat took 2 for 27 against the kiwis in the semi-finals and made sure we enter the finals.
This should be one of the things all youngsters should learn that age doesn’t matter if you have the right vision and skill. But most importantly you need to work hard to become a perfectionist.


  1. Impress everyone with your first chance

Kohli’s father died and he still decided to continue playing the match instead of going back home and spending time with family. This thing which Virat did might not sound that big a deal but the kind of heart a young boy from Delhi showed and played for his side won lot of hearts in Indian cricket fraternity. Impressing on and off the field with your personality is one of the key characters of a superstar.

As they say there are lot of good and skillful cricketers but there will be only few superstars who will live forever in the cricket books.


  1. Comeback with more hard work and skill

A highly rated Virat Kohli entered into IPL scenario after his amazing performance in U19. This was the time when Kohli completely lost his way. He was arrogant, pushy with no performance to back his attitude. This led to his downfall. Even after being picked for the national side his performances were not that consistent. But, champions don’t fall back and regret on their chances. They make their own way. Virat went back to the domestic circuit and scored tons of runs and made a comeback to the national side. And the rest is history.

We all look at Kohli the superstar but look at his dedication and the hard work the young guy had to put to make sure his dreams are alive. Never ever say I quit. Never ever be satisfied with what you have achieved. Always Strive for more.


  1. Do not repeat the same mistake

Once Virat Kohli was back in the national side he never had to look back. He performed in every format. But most importantly what he did was never repeating the same mistake again. He struggled against the english bowling attack in England. He corrected his stance and went on to score heaps of runs against the Aussies. We need to understand one thing that we will always make mistakes. Nobody is immune to it.But make sure you learn from your previous mistake and do not make the same one again.


  1. It’s not always necessary to go by the book

Indian players never had an attitude of sledging. We were all quite decent players who wanted to our bat and ball to do the talking. This is what had been happening from generations. Here comes a person actually is ready to give back anything which wrong. Still remember a young Virat Kohli against the likes of Brett Lee, Mitchell Johnson, getting sledged. He was having a hard time fielding at the boundary line and at times he lost his cool showing some signs to the crowd. When he came into bat he scored a century and the way he pumped and sledged everyone was never seen before. His eyes was full of tears and emotions flowing.

It shows that it’s not always required to follow what has been done. You need to create your own mark in your own way.Everyone has a style of doing things.If you follow someone else you will never be able to make your own mark.


  1. Always remember and respect your hero

We all saw the little master – Sachin Tendulkar as our cricketing hero. Same was the case with Virat Kohli. He grew up watching Sachin thrashing the fierce Australian bowling all alone. He went on to play with him one day and never lost his respect for his hero and idol. Even when he scored 50 against Pakistan in WT20 in Edens he bowed to Sachin dedicating the Innings to him. This shows how great you are. The day you forget and stop respecting people who have actually helped you reach a level, that day you start losing respect.

“Izzat doge to Izzat doo na milta hai”


  1. Lead by Example

There is nothing much i can write about leading by example for Virat. He has been playing some of best innings ever seen. One of the best things to learn here is even if the team members are not performing the guy never fails to impress and rise to the occasions. “Vo kahte hain na Bade Players ko bade stage pe perform karne me bahut maza aata hai”


  1. Zeal to always win

When we see this guy shouting, sledging umpires , his own players or opponents i have never felt that it’s his bad attitude. I see it in a different way. I see the zeal and determination to always win. Just see his celebrations during wins and disappointed face during losses. It shows the character of Virat Kohli who puts 100% effort in all formats and wants to make sure that he gets full returns for it. We should never play to participate in any tournament or for practice. You should always participate to win. Just one thing in mind and this winning attitude will take you places.


  1. Personal achievements are nothing if your team doesn’t win

We have heard Virat saying many times that if he scores a century and the team doesn’t win it’s of no use. Everyone loves personal goals but you can’t celebrate it to the max if your team doesn’t do well. Learn from this about how important your role is for your team. Does your individual performance take your team forward? Are you someone who can take your team long way? Are you team man? If you are achieving some great personal goals and still your team looks dull and not upto the mark you need to check your skillset.


  1. Carry your attitude with your performance

Delhi ka launda hai, attitude hi rahega isme. Khel nahin payega. The difference between the debutant Virat Kohli and the one now is his performance backs his attitude on field. He has made sure that all his critics who used to call him an over ambitious and a copy cat of Australians are now praising him for his style and confidence.

Learn how to adjust to situations. Do not bark until you cannot bite. Nobody is telling you that leave your instinctive skills but people ask you to perform first and show off later.


If you want to share some of his other qualities, do write back to us.!!


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  1. I am a big Fan of Virat Kohli.
    Interestingly my name is also Virat. Thanks for writing such an interesting article on Virat Kohli.
    I always use a Virat Kohli photo on my mobile and laptop as wallpaper.

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