Reliance Mutual Fund: Corporate Sports Event

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The Reliance Mutual Fund team just like every year came back on the field for their Corporate Sports Event. The date was decided as 5th June, Sunday and the venue being Decathlon Sarjapur. The complete event organization was passed on to  Sportzify. Reliance Mutual Fund had organised this engagement activity for one of their client ICICI Securities.

Everything seemed to be accurately planned. Starting from the venue, seating arrangements, music, sports equipments and most importantly food.All credit should be given to Reliance team members Swaroop and Rashmi who had left no stone unturned to make sure that every damn thing was no less than perfect. It was really amazing to see the enthusiasm of the complete ICICI team as well. There were more than 50 people who had arrived early morning with only one thing in mind – ‘Let’s have fun’. The fun part was definitely there throughout the tournament but the most interesting thing to see was the way the guys were competing with each other. They wanted to win on any cost.

This shows the kind of leadership and the employee culture they haveq.You are there to have fun and spend some quality time with your colleagues but once you are on the field its ‘Game On Baby’. They believe in performing and winning the title for their team. Nobody was happy in just participating and going back home after clapping for the winners. If you play, you give your best shot and win.

6 Cricket Teams had participated with 8 players in each team. It was 6 over game with the finals being 8 overs. Just to inform you the Decathlon ground is not one of the easy places to score big runs. Its mostly in favour of the bowlers.New rules makes batting even more difficult. The first few games saw some of the good batsmen also adjusting to the bowling attack and the pitch. But, once they got the feel of the ground,runs started to flow pretty easily.

corporate sports event

Shobhit was one of the outstanding batsman we saw during the tournament.The way he adjusted to the different bowling attacks and kind of skilful cheeky shots he played towards the fine leg were really pleasing to the eyes.

corporate sports event

Mr. Prakash and Mukesh were doing the commentary and believe me they came up with some of the great punch lines you will not even hear from Siddhu. They did a phenomenal job in making sure that the event remains engaging and even the spectators remain in sink with the game.

Not so surprisingly, the lunch time seemed to be the happiest hour of the day. The lunch was delicious and after a hectic day on the field everyone was actually waiting for a break. After a heavy lunch, everyone was filled with energy again and the finals was played with an extravagant enthusiasm.

corporate sports event

With the B1 A team of ICICI Securities winning the trophy, the dance began. Music was loud and every single person from the ICICI and the Reliance team joined together was party. Believe me if Prabhudeva was there he would have died seeing some of the most hilarious dance steps you will ever see.But, the good part was the way both teams gelled together and had fun like a one big family.

The cricket tournament ended with everyone returning back to their home in a joyful and a happy mood. The Reliance Mutual Fund team felt really happy after seeing the complete corporate sports event ending pretty smoothly. After an hectic day everyone from the team went back home with a believe to make the next event even bigger and better. 

Check out a small video of the event here:


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