Corporate Sports Event Solution by Sportzify

It has been almost an year for us in operations and we have received many queries about corporate sports event from various companies. There is something very interesting that we have noticed. We have observed corporates struggling to find the right people or companies to take care of their complete end to end requirements. The major problem they face is to find right place,vendors and business who can provide them good solutions for their team building activities at decent rates. You get different solutions from different vendors and then you have to negotiate with them.Once that’s confirmed you have to make sure you connect the dots well otherwise the whole sports event will turn out to be a failure.

Sportzify has done 4 corporate sports event in Bangalore in past 9 months.Organizing corporate team building activities was never a priority for our business initially.But, we realized that there was a big need for someone to step up and provide a complete one stop solution to the corporate. It makes sense right? We are an engagement platform to connect sports enthusiasts with sports clubs so why not direct the corporate requirement into right direction.

At Sportzify,we have developed a model where we give options to corporates and ask them to chose whichever option they like.It’s like customising your corporate sports event. It’s like providing a solution for a small team gathering or even a big shot corporate sports tournament.

Check out the corporate sports event we have done so far

We have multiple features for your team building activity. It’s your corporate sports event and it’s completely your choice how you want to do it.

  1. corporate sports event
  2. corporate sports event
  3. corporate sports event
  4. corporate sports event
  5. corporate sports event
  6. corporate sports event
  7. corporate sports event

Do you want us to take care of your corporate sports event? Call us at +91-7483053630 or mail at

You can even call us to get ideas and any specific need related to your corporate event.We don’t charge for free advice or putting you in touch with the right people in the sports industry.You know that’s what Sportzify stands for – ‘Building an ecosystem around sports and fitness driven by you, our sports enthusiasts’.


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