8 Things To Check Before Planning Your Corporate Sports Activity

I understand you are busy with your work. But, I am hoping you will listen to us. This may be really useful content if you or any of your colleague is into planning your corporate sports or fitness activities. 

This mail will take your 2mins. Don’t worry it’s not a sales pitch.

As a company Sportzify has been working with more than 50 corporate clients for their sports & fitness activities from past 3 years. We have been associated with different team engagement sports & fitness activities.

Honestly speaking, we have found few problems in the way many corporates design their sports or fitness activities for their colleagues.

I am not saying all the companies but most of them end up spending money at things which can be executed in a more engaging manner.

As a sports enthusiast you must be knowing there is a specific way to plan & organise any sports activity. It looks simple but believe me, it’s not that easy.

I am going to talk about few important things which you need to note before you even start spreading the news about any such corporate sports for your company.

Here is a process that we always ask our corporate clients before we submit any plan: 

1. What’s the objective of doing this sports or running or any fitness activity for the employees?  

Is it for engagement or for testing the fitness level or finding the most energetic sports group of your employee. It’s important thing to note as the sports activities that you may end up choosing might be different from your goal of organising this event.

2. Once we get this answer, our next question is around the male and female ratio in the company. 

This helps us to find the suitable mix of different sports & fitness activities for the company. For any HR or the head of the sports committee your goal is to make sure everybody is a part of this event.

3. Next would be to understand the average age of the employees. 

It helps us to segregate different sports with few new innovative ways of playing the similar sport or introducing certain other sports.

Including new categories or introducing the old sports with some twist helps in getting even the older or younger people participate in the event.

4. One of the most important thing will be to find out the preferred location of doing this activity. 

We don’t want people to travel too much before the activities even begin.

5. Most important part will be to understand the timeline you will have to finish the complete entity. 

As an organiser it’s important to know this. Accordingly you will spread the sports over different days.

We have done it in just one day and also stretched for more than a month for few clients.

6. How do you motivate your winners? 

Is there a plan around how to motivate your champion employees? We have given some of the most sporty ideas around this. Giving them the same old certificates, medals might become boring for them.

It’s time you start giving them certain things related to that particular sports.

7. Do you have to procure or rent anything from outside. If yes, then where is the list? 

Most of the companies already have certain sports equipments with them.

We give an option to rent and procure. Renting is definitely cheaper in the short term but if you are looking for a long term perspective, always procure them.

8. Are you going to just do the mainstream sports like Cricket, Football, Badminton, TT which will engage only 20% of your employees? 

We always want everyone in your company to play. Thus, we bring in solutions like sports activities of your childhood days – Pitthu , Kho-Kho, Dodgeball, Tug-Of-War.

This helps in engaging people who are not interested to travel and play cricket or football.

There is a big importance of getting these questions answered before planning anything around sports & fitness. 

It will help you in being concrete in your plans and also keep your budget in control.

Don’t worry, I am not asking you to recommend Sportzify in your company or outsource your sports activities like our other clients.

We want you to organise your corporate sports in the most engaging way it can be done. We would love to help you in the planning phase. 

Don’t worry we don’t charge for this. This is FREE FREE FREE !! 

We have served more than 50+ corporate partners in making their company’s sports culture move to the next level. Companies like Uber, Wells Fargo, GE, DXC, SONY, TATA, HP, EPICOR and many more. 

Ok, so no more showoff from my end. 

Hey, Do you want us to help you in corporate sports planning and execution? 

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