Serena Williams: Iron Woman of Tennis

Last year, the world got to watch Serena Williams, one of the greatest athletes of all time, complete an epic sports season. She tore through the tennis world on her historic quest to win all four major tennis tournaments in a year, known in tennis as a calendar year Grand Slam. She ended up winning […]

Top 10 Popular Sports

Click here to read more interesting blogs on other sports  View Top 10 Popular Sports in World.. Which one is Your Favorite ? As the years go by different sports have been invented and more and more people participated and the famous question always pops out “What is the most popular sports in the world?” […]

SanTina: Two Women, a Great Partnership

Click here for view other interesting blogs on various Sports Meet SanTina: Two Great Women, Forming A Great Partnership in Tennis Sania Mirza is unarguably the most successful female tennis player in India’s history. She currently ranks first in women’s doubles, alongside Swiss player Martina Hingis. From 2003 until her retirement from singles in 2013, […]

The Rise and Fall of Rafael Nadal

A Star is Born ‘Rafael Nadal’ First of all, a great deal of his success had to do with Nadal’s unquenchable, and unquestioning, belief in himself when playing against any player, on any court, at any time. Nadal backed himself to win, every single time. Even when the pressure was truly on, such as when defending his […]