Boxing Is Becoming India’s Top Olympic Sport

Gradually but surely, boxing is becoming India’s top Olympic sport. The big breakthrough happened at the Guangzhou Asian Games. With India stuck with just one gold medal—won by the much-ballyhooed shooting squad—to show at the end of the first week of competition, the national ritual of celebrating failure was about to start. CWG 2010, murmurs arose, […]

Ten Richest Sportsmen in the World

These sportsmen are not only famous for the games they play but also for the moolah they make. Check them out and cry. 1. Floyd Mayweather Total Earnings: $105 million Salary/winnings: $105 million Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is an American retired professional boxer. Widely considered the greatest boxer of his era, he is an undefeated as […]

Karate Hero – Satyen Kumar Goswami

Meet ‘Satyen Kumar Goswami’ – The Karate Hero “Do something now that will make the person you’ll be tomorrow proud to have been the person you are today.” Satyen is every couch potato’s nightmare. The man lifts weight, plays soccer; practises karate and words like endurance, stamina and strength are a part of his daily vocabulary. […]

A Free Spirit Runner – ‘Mahesh Tiwari’

Meet ‘Mahesh Tiwari’ A Free Spirit Runner Who Decided Not to Fall Into The Parent Trap Meet Mahesh Tiwari a runner from Delhi. He started running since October 2015 and had planned to participate in ADHM 15, which would have been his first marathon. Many of his experienced running buddies were pushing him to participate. However November […]

Messi vs Ronaldo – Who is better?

How does one choose between Pizza and Ice-Cream? A sophisticated Hollywood masterpiece verses an unbeatably entertaining Bollywood Dhamaka? Stunning snow-clad hills in Switzerland vis-à-vis the magnificent beaches and coastline in Scotland? All these choices are equally awesome, and their beauty is not only subjective, but contingent on practicalities of certain situations. So, Messi or Ronaldo […]